From the mailbag comes the request that I fess up what I have in hardware based on my talking about how I haven’t migrated yet to my new computer….now you’ll know I’m not a ‘real geek’ in that I have to slide over and see what the Intel [yes….I know… I couldn’t break the habit and buy an AMD] chip is and all that… I can tell you it was a fun exercise in that I put it together.

Yes, you read that right… this is a NewEgg, Frys and CompUSA built machine…built by a GUI gal. 

The important parts about it is that the case is black.  Now the choice of black is very key here because it goes with the Mickey Mouse themed room that the upstairs office is decorated in.  A hovering Space Mickey is over my head along with the beginning of the trail of the pixie dust that Tinkerbell leaves on the ceiling as she flies out of the TV sitting on the TV mount on the wall over to the window behind me [yes, there’s a Tinkerbell doll hanging from the celing.]  So since the monitor is black and all, I had to make the new computer a black case and all as well.  Regardless of the rest of the pieces…the outer case looks cool.

But since I’m sure the emailer wasn’t wanting to know about the Black computer case….it’s an Intel 3.2 GHz chip, 2 gig of RAM, a 250 Sata drive, one DVD/CDRW drive, one DVD/RW drive, Nvidia GeForce 6200 turbo cache [and I’m seriously thinking of putting in a second video card here at home for the second monitor as I have one at the office and there are time here at home that I’d really like to have a second one around], one floppy [yes even though I’ll doubt I’ll need it].  I’ll have to ask my friend down in LA what the Motherboard is as he’s the one that recommended it.  Tells you how hardware-ish I am doesn’t it?

The lessons I learned?  Even though I READ the instructions…really Marina… I did!…. it wasn’t clear that I was supposed to put in the two power connectors.  I thought it needed only one.  So that slowed me down a bit in the building of the computer until I figured that one out.  Next, make sure you get that goopy stuff called Artic Silver and you don’t have to put as much as I put on there…but it works as when I first put the thing together the machine was pretty quickly shutting down and when it did work …if you went into the bios it was reading that the temperature of the chip was too hot.  So it needed that silicon gunk as the wafer of protection it came with wasn’t enough.  Took the fan assembly off the chip, put the gunk on there, stuck the fan back into place…and voila.. machine runs just as it should.

You do end up with stuff however that I’d like to complain about…

Screws. not as in ‘she’s got a screw loose’ even though I’m sure some might say that… I mean I always end up with leftover, weird sized, what screwdriver do you use with that… screws left over.  I have them all over the place.  Along with cables that I can’t remember where they came from.  Somewhere there’s a bunch of computers that are missing a ton of screws and cables. 

Call me.  I think I have them here.


2 Responses to Ever notice how you end up with screws leftover?

  1. happyfunboy says:

    all it takes is faith and trust.

    oh…and something i forgot.

    just a little bit of…arctic silver 5!

    btw: now you have to post pics of the room…

  2. sprok90 says:

    oh, you need to get another drive, Raid 1 that puppy.. 🙂