Blue screen error when Symantec AntiVirus 10 is installed

From the listserves comes the report that on rare circumstance you might see a BSOD on machine getting Symantec 10 installed when….

Problems with older Symevent drivers

Conflict with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.3.5… to work around that one ..remove the read only attribute from the L3codecx.acm file.

Don’t know what a BSOD is? It’s basically a sign from Bill Gates that you really need to call Product Support Services, get dump/debug session set up and have someone look at that error and save you from hours of hunting down and googling…Now Roger Otterson argues that as a Microsoft Partner we shouldn’t know about how to do a basic blue screen dump file debugging session…as it’s in your clients’ best interest to use that business down support ability to get that customer back on his or her feet as quickly as possible.  Others I know will argue that as IT Professionals we should know this stuff.

I do know if you download and install the debugger files and open up the help files…they are really cool….


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