One of the questions that get thrown to me every now and then is … “is fill in the blank HIPAA compliant“.  That “fill in the blank” could be anything from an application…all the way to SBS itself.  The problem with a lot of documentation  is that it’s not really SBSized…. so when I stumbled on this site… with the tale tell blue “Small Business Specialist” logo in the corner and called Brad.. as he and I said… the two of us….gushing both about SBS and why we like the SBS community.. we were ‘preaching to the choir’.

Brad works to help small rural hospitals in Montana meet compliance and said that HIPAA is just about doing the right thing.  I ssooooo agree.  HIPAA, SOX, all of these regulartory ‘pushes’ to make us more compliant…it’s just good business…and good security practices….I’m checking out his stuff now.. looks promising.  Ordered a kit in fact.  We chatted on the phone that you HAVE to have the policy in place.  You can’t just put in the technology… you HAVE to have the policies..and they HAVE to be enforced equally for all.

Pretty cool that he was also Small Business Solution Partner of the year like that [oh yeah…that was built around SBS btw]

So if you need more Hipaa stuff try out this blog

If you want to check out a bunch more …really non SBSized..but still interesting nonetheless links on security, policy, and all sorts of things… here’s this listing.

Oh.. and can SBS be HIPAA compliant?  Of course it can.  It all depends on who’s driving the server… not the server itself….


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