Once again, let’s get the misconceptions about the SBS platform blown away tonight shall we?

No… SBS 2003 does not have to be the ONLY server on the Subnet.  It DOES have to be the PRIMARY domain controller and hold the FSMO roles.. however if you really wanted to have 74 additional servers and no clients….

Go knock yourself out..it will support it.

I don’t need a trust in a small business dude… I have two servers here just fine.

…next… dude.. that’s Windows 2003 server that forces that documentation of why the server shut down… if you don’t want it google and shut it off.. most consultants LIKE it because it documents when the owners have mucked with the server… and lethargic?  Lemme guess… you beleived the ‘minimum standard specs“ of RAM didn’t you?

1 gig of RAM and nothing less is what I recommend for a real production box…you can get away with 512….with a small one or two client network…but mine isn’t lethargic one bit. 

Bored to tears waiting for me to ask it to do something yes… lethargic…no.


One Response to You could have 74 additional servers if you really wanted to….

  1. Nick says:

    For SBS, I get the whole 75 user limit, no trusts, multiple servers okay "thing"… but I really wish I can move those FSMO roles around in an emergency. That’s the one thing I don’t "get" about SBS… and one of my biggest concerns about patching SBS boxes.

    I know – I get free product support if the patch chokes my SBS server… but that doesn’t help me with scheduling problems that arise due to a "bad" patch. And it doesn’t help me when my an customer/owner says "The patches are worse the problems they fix"… "why are we patching again?"… or worse yet, "Why even bother to have a UPS, if APC is going to produce software that results in significant downtime"…

    For my larger customers, the patches get tested pretty thoroughly before I hit the boxes with the FSMO roles. And I still think it’s important to get those SBS patches on… but politically speaking, it can be really hard to get a customer to buyoff on the patch, and then pay for my time to fix a problem they didn’t have before I got started…