From the mailbag today comes the question of how do I get ‘pinged’ on IM about by server.  Well technically, I’m getting ‘pinged’ by getting an email message on MSN Hotmail.  I use MSN 7 these days and it’s my “hotmail” email address account.  …so.. in the monitoring wizard setup on SBS, not only do I make sure I put in the ‘inside’ email address, I also put in my hotmail address… AND.. for extra paranoia, I stick in the SMS number of my cell phone…  So when the server sends out a ‘ooh that failed’ message, I get email, I get a ‘you have mail’ popup on MSN, and my cell phone buzzes me.  Now I do this for ‘my’ baby.  And maybe you don’t want to do this for every server you manage.  But it’s certainly something that if you are watching a server having issues, change that mail notification so that it ‘hits’ you where you get the message in an immediate fashion.  Rerun the wizard and put in additional contact email addresses where you want to be notified.

Since I tend to be logged into MSN IM a lot [all the gang on my IM list will attest to that one] no matter where I am, home, office, conferences, ….. uh… Disneyland….. if there’s a critical alert that the system has fired off, I’ll get a notification.


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