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Intuit has repelled the Redmond six times. Now it’s defending its

largest business — small-business accounting software



Facing another onslaught from Redmond, the finance-software maker’s

CEO says, “I love our position.” Score so far: Intuit 6, Microsoft 0




I am a CPA in Californa.  On a pretty regular basis I deal with small business customers.  Some that have standalone computers, some with networks.  I have a trusted relationship with all of these small businesses. 


Just like how you install software better when ‘you’ know it.. just like how you have impact with what I call the ‘wow’ factor and word of mouth, so do I.  As a result Microsoft has just introduced the Microsoft Accountants Network to introduce my world to Microsoft’s Small Business accounting 2006.  As part of this network my community is now eligible for free CPE and the Action pack [for $299 a year]. 


Now before you start yelling “Hey Microsoft, you are now allowing CPAs to use Action pack? You are taking software sales away from us“,  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you make your income from software sales.. you make it on the labor and installation of the network. 


Microsoft is offering to my world because they realize too how much I influence software purchases when I am plugged in.


Now in these same beancounter communities are the “just good enough’ folks.  The same people that when they raised their hands in a presentation on Wednesday and said if you ARE running Windows 98, you are sending a message to all of your clients that you don’t CARE about the security of their data.  These are exactly the cheap, ‘it’s good enough people’ that you can now go to and say, “here’s a way to get software, to get secure, to get free CPE and all you have to do is sign up and check out this software bundle”


Also for this plan it gives them “business critical down” that includes things like printers failing on April 14.  To a beancounter ..that IS a critical down issue.


This week I was in Illinois and Cindy Bates of Microsoft indicated that the firm that “gets IT” has higher growth that one that doesn’t.  Here’s your chance as a consultant to go to that CPA in your area and show them the MPAN program and say …it’s time you killed off that Windows 98 machine.  It’s not good enough ANY MORE.  Show them THIS link and tell them this is one time “too good to be true“ isn’t.   


Now then my IT community out here… all you IT consultants… you talk to that CPA and tell them about how they can share calendars.  How with Audiovox Windows Mobile phones, the partners can check their calendars from anywhere.  That having their client data on a system hooked up to the Internet IS safe, and in fact with high speed access I would argue allows you to be more secure and up to date.


I told a room of 100 or so Accountants that if they thought the SBS 2003 product I talked about and used at my firm and actually demo’d was cool, that they needed to go and find an SBSer.  To go to YOU and ask you how many SBS installs you had done.  Be honest.  Don’t say you have and you’ve never even seen the product before.   


Just remember if you don’t treat my CPA community right, I just might hear about it.


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  1. Gavin says:

    Small Business Accountants have proven time and time again that they are NOT just our customers – they aer our PARTNERS! I for one think it’s a great idea to offer them the action pack!


    P.S. How many times has SB saved YOUR butt? 🙂 Give these people all the software they want!

  2. I am going to be putting together a seminar for the local CPAs in my area. One of them is going to work with me to try and get CPE credit for my seminar with our state accredidation board. I just wrote about it on my blog:

    I would be interested in anyone’s ideas and feedback, and I’ll be happy to share the results and any materials I create.