Allocated Memory Alert

On August 27, 2005, in Allocated Memory, by

After you install SBS 2003 sp1 you ‘may’ get a monitoring error saying you have an ‘allocated memory alert’.  There are two possibilities of this issue that are VERY easily fixed.  I’ve personally had both happen to me and both times just put a little ‘governing’ value on the ISA sql instance and the SBSMonitoring instance and the system was happy as a clam afterwards.

Here’s the two past posts to review regarding the issue:

A post in the newsgroup today made me stick this blog post in here to capture both links so I can just point folks to this one now.  If the memory alert is due to Sharepoint, you’ll need to call Product Support and work through the issues, but if it’s ISA or SBSMonitoring?  Stomp on ’em with absolutely no side affects.

…for those trivia buffs… I really should have said “Happy as a clam at high tide”


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