So from the mailbag tonight comes a question about getting workstations to work via RWW but it appears that the setup may be a bit more horked than that.  When the person goes to /connectcomputer it says “Page cannot be displayed”.

So googling around… I came across “Ray THE MAN Fong” postings… Ah Ray… who suffered through dealing with a bunch of us MVPs in Charlotte for training…

Per Ray here are some Steps to troubleshoot with:

  • Ensure clients are pointing to the server for their DNS

  • Check to see if you can bring up http://servername

  • In IIS check to see if you have a virtual directory called ConnectComputer under the Default Web sie

  • If you don’t…. if you look at c:\Inetpub, is there a folder called ConnectComputer, and if you do, make a virtual directory called ConnectComputer under the Default WebSite, enable anonymous access to it.

  • Add the http://servername to the IE Intranet zone on the local machine

  • And if you are an upgrade from SBS 2000, remove the URLScan security tool and download the updated version

Thanks Ray…even more than a year later your posts are Golden!


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