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So I’m googling for some info to get a 98 attached to a SBS 2003 box for …what else… a beancounter.  A beancounter that SHOULD be signed up for the Microsoft’s Accountant Network and not forcing his IT guy to jump through hoops as he’ll be able to get Win XPs’ and his 98 desktop won’t SCREAM  “I don’t care about the security of my data” to every client that walks by… so anyway I googled this…  and here’s the funny thing… when I emailed it of to the person asking for it… it bounced back…

Your e-mail was rejected by an anti-spam content filter on gateway.  Reasons for rejection may be: obscene language, graphics, or spam-like characteristics.

You know… I think I quite agree … having Windows 98 info inside of an email is obscene isn’t it?  Especially in a SBS 2003 network… it just works soooooo nicely on XP… Remote Web Workplace… man you just do not know what you are missing out on when you don’t have XP sp2 on that network….

Definitely I think I agree with the spam filter… definitely obscene to put a 98 on a SBS 2003 network.  It’s like making an Indy 500 race car driver drive an… oh I don’t know…an Edsel or something…

Make sure that you specify WINS as the internal ip address of the server.

Also, if using DHCP, enable the support for updating to DDNS, for all legacy clients,

by entering the DNS tab in the properites of the server.domain.local in the DHCP Console.


The supported client OS for SBS 2K3 is Windows 98, Windows 2K, Windows 2K3

and Windows XP Pro edition. Windows 95, Windows Millennium are not officially

supported in Windows 2003 (which includes SBS 2K3) environment  although

you may be able to join them into the domain


Please also note that although you can use a Windows 98 clients in the

domain, they won’t have full functionality (won’t have full functionality

of WSS/companyweb either due to not being able to use Office 2003,) and you

will have to manually configure clients networking  configure it to logon to the

2003 domain (you will not be able to join the Win98 clients to the domain

by using the “connectcomputer” web site).  In addition, there are many

other issues with legacy clients as mentioned in: 823659 Client, Service, and Program

Incompatibilities That May Occur When You –


It is also recommended that you install the updated DSclient (the one

included in the SBS 2K3 setup CD cannot be installed on 98 clients) on the 98 clients.


More detailed information can be found in the KB article below:


323466 Availability of the Directory Services Client Update for Windows 95



226144 NetBIOS Domain Name Field Has a 15 Character Length Limitation –;en-us;226144

After installing the updated DSclient on 98 clients (you may need to wait

for some time after the 9x clients’ start until the computer lists are

synced,) I can then view and share the shared computers in ‘Network

Neighborhood’ ¨¤ Entire Network ¨¤


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  1. says:

    So… he’s bang up-to-date on spam filters, but way old on operating systems.

    Me, I drive an eleven-year-old car. But every computer I own is at least running an operating system from this century.

    I guess we each have our priorities.

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    Excuse Caps – I just noticed the key – I don’t want to type this again.