I’m a big fan of community with a Capital C.  And next week at SMBnation you will get that Community with a Capital C.

Peer talking to Peer.  Been there talking to Done that.  And a little bit of lived through that as well.

If you want to share rides, log in when you are arriving and coming and going, we’ve got a Community portal set up for such.  Fellow SBS MVP Steve Foster will be in attendance and has set up this portal site:


Register to see the travel data (figured I ought to keep that secured just in case). I’ve entered the first few names that have posted here – if that’s an issue for any of those people, please yell (or register & delete/amend).   If you want to add yourself, please enter the arrival date in the format  “YYYY-MM-DD HH:NN” so that the sorting works, and the dates are evaluated correctly no matter what region (and if you want more locales, yell!).

Any other suggestions, yell out…

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]

So log in.  Figure out when you’ll be arriving with someone else… share a cab, an express van, heck even a limo.

Don’t forget to check out Nancy’s SMBNation Update that lists transportation options:


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