I’ve gotten enough of these requests from the mailbag, so I decided to build a ‘how to page’

What am I talking about?  I freak people out with that ‘login’ up there.  They think it means there’s this secret society or something behind the login portal.  Truly it’s not.  It’s just the place that I enter a username and password so I can rant…ummm…. I mean post to the blog. 

The other day someone asked something and I said “don’t read the blog do ya?” and he said “No I haven’t visited in a couple of days” and I realized that some folks may be ‘surfing’ to this blog… and that’s not how blogs should be ‘consumed’ at all.  Blogs aren’t web pages… I mean yeah, if you are reading this at www.msmvps.com/bradley or www.sbsdiva.com rather than a newsreader, it kinda works on a web page, but you really shouldn’t be doing it that way.  You really need to have the feeds come to you….the SBSway….automagically.

So…here’s what I did… I typed up a web page that shows how I ‘subscribe’ to a blog feed.  I put it here.  I hope that it will help to showcase how easy it is to get blog feeds to come TO you, so that you don’t have to GO TO it.

Another way you can read blogs is by using RSS readers inside of a web page… take for example the beta of www.start.com.  See those columns?  Those are RSS feeds being ‘sucked’ into that browser.  Sign up and register and you could have a ‘portable’ reader as well.

So…any questions?  Does that help to let you know how you can “consume” feeds a lot easier than you are now doing it?


One Response to So how do I subscribe to the blog?

  1. Greg says:

    I use the Maxthon (it’s built on top of IE) broswer which has an RSS reader built right into the left column of the window. I see all of the recent blog posts and can jump to any that I want.

    I hope to see this same type of functionality in IE7. Haven’t downloaded the beta, but RSS feeds and tabbed browsing would be great.