There’s a new logo/icon in town.  Over there, under the Yoda and the SBS logo is a new one.  Don’t recognize it?  It means I’m a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.  Someone who has demonstrated a foundation in understanding the needs of Small Businesses.

John Q. Businessowner?  You need to look for that logo because it means that this person cared enough to ‘brand’ him or herself someone who caters to, deals with, handles, knows better than anyone, Small Businesses.  Someone who decided to put resources into your small business marketplace.

At SMBnation, many of us newbie Small Business Specialists will be meeting up, and some folks will be taking the exam to become one. 

Oh, and another thing… more often than not… a Microsoft Small Business Specialist already IS a small business owner themselves.  Who better than to install your network that someone who knows you are are already?


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