I’m ‘outting’ myself

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At SMBNation, Dana outted me in front of the conference attendees and said he was going to post on his blog about it, but since he seems to be busy recovering from the Dilbert [which is very funny], I’ll out myself.

My laptop is lazy.

Okay… I’m lazy.

It’s running as an admin.  Yup you heard it here. My tablet PC which has hung off of wireless networks from the underbellies of the Internet in the Bellagio to hanging recently off of the probably even more infectious wireless access in the Microsoft Executive briefing center is an admin.

And it is because I’m a lazy bone to reload Thunderbird to get it to work like it should because I forgot and didn’t install it under the admin profile, but under the Susan one.

And what can happen when I’m an Admin.


At SMBnation a couple of folk were saying that they were still getting malware and they were installing the networks without admin rights…but when I questioned them more, what was happening was the really WERE running as Admin.  You see they were using Power user rights.

Yo folks.  You might as well run as Admin.  You really and truly don’t gain much at all running with Power user rights.

But wait you say… I can’t patch my machines for software updates.  Yes you can.  Shavlik will do it, you apply Admin credentials remotely for one.  WSUS *and* Microsoft update will both do it.  Set up the machines to patch at some ungodly hour automagically and tell the folks to leave their computers on. 

Now Vista is supposed to nicely temporarily save the stuff you stupidly left open on that computer and restart it for you.

Okay, okay I’m trying to distract you from the original topic.

Which is I’m introducing risk because I’M LAZY.

Okay Dana, before the MVP summit… so I don’t get outted by Steve…. I’ll be non-admin.

P.S.  want to know if someone is running as admin?  Click on the time/date in the corner.  If you can change it….you are an admin.


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  1. What the??!! Say it isn’t so!!

    I’ll ask at the MVP Summit … 🙂