Office, Sharepoint and Glue

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From the mailbag today comes the question…. 

If a user has *only* Office 2000 on their computer (so no Office10 folder, no owssupp.dll file), can they edit documents on the sharepoint website? (The reason there is no Office10 folder is because we never installed Outlook 2003 on this computer for various reasons.) Can I just install the dll into their Office folder, register it and make it work or do I need to upgrade their version of Office?


You shouldn’t have to adjust any DLL…but keep in mind you’ll have only “Good“ not “Better“ or “Best“ experience with Sharepoint. 


Buy Office 2003…. Outlook rocks, and the Sharepoint glue integration is worth it [at least I think so]

There’s a really good whitepaper that addresses this:

·         File Save Integration – Microsoft Office 2000 provides basic integration with Windows SharePoint Services. Users can open and save files stored on SharePoint sites from their Office 2000 applications and receive alerts in Microsoft Outlook® 2000.

·         Basic Data Integration – Microsoft Office XP provides additional data integration between SharePoint sites and Microsoft Office, so users can export list data to Microsoft Excel 2002 and view properties and metadata for files stored on SharePoint sites.

·         Contextual Integration – Microsoft Office 2003 Editions add rich contextual integration between Microsoft Office and Windows SharePoint Services, integrating SharePoint fully into the business tasks that users perform every day.


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