Geek train trip status report

On September 26, 2005, in news, by

Met a lovely Austrailian couple on their way to see their daughter in Canada.

Met Ben’s mother [fellow MVP]

Met a husband and wife from the states tonight, and each time I’m sure bored them with geek talk of “Patch Tuesday.  But that’s six folks that now know that second Tuesday of the month they should expect a patch from Microsoft.

Talking with travelers it reminds me that it does need to get eaiser to operate a computer… it’s still way too geeky.


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  1. Anne Stanton says:

    I both agree and disagree. Technology is so wide that sometimes the areas that we are within are simply just different worlds. On my trip back from MVP Summit I sat next to a fellow in the world of nuclear heart health analysis and he had that a bit of a blank look when talking geek… but then he pulls out his laptop and shows me some of the virtual images of live hearts both healthy and sick … amazing stuff!