Bill reminds us that Windows Sharepoint Services sp2 has been released.

Now, keep in mind that ANY service pack for our parts is perfectly fine to put on a SBS box, but I personally am not at home and I won’t be testing this yet. 

We do have some special customizations for Sharepoint, so if you’d rather one of us crazies in the newsgroup installed it first, triple checked to ensure that there are no issues with this SP2 on our SBS boxes, I would say you are a wise person.

Installing patches on SBS boxes is only fun for me the wacko SBS patcher.  It’s really NOT fun at all if a patch affects the system,even if it’s a minor annoyance.  It breaks the confidence of the client in your ability to be their outsourced CIO.  I know many consultants who, if they are traveling, or busy with other projects will wait on service packs like this Service pack.

If you’ve set up WSUS to pull down service packs and auto apply them, you are indeed a ‘bleeding edger’.  Just remember that those of us who are more into control, we don’t set up our servers to auto patch anything.

P.S.  I have no idea what will happen if you install Sharepoint SP2 and then attempt to install the SBS 2003 sp1 bundle.



One Response to Windows Sharepoint Services sp2 released

  1. Bil Simser says:

    Thanks Susan. I’m going to try to find some time during the summit in a VPC to install this on SBS so will let you know how that goes.