Sharepoint SP2 – revisited

On September 28, 2005, in Sharepoint, by

From the mailbag today…

For what it’s worth, the KB announcing WSS SP2 does NOT include SBS2003 in the ‘Supported Operating Systems’ list and when I ran MU on my SBS box, WSS SP2 did NOT show up in the list of available updates. Then again, SP1 does not explicitly specify SBS, either. Still… based on that, SP2 is not getting installed until a SBSized version shows up, or until many other people have successful installs!


First off… you won’t find ‘generic’ service packs that explicity say they support SBS when we are just merely the sum of our parts.  If you are expecting any patch for Windows 2003 to say “SBS”, you will have a long wait.  Any patch/;service pack that goes on ‘normal’ Windows 2003 goes on SBS.  Flat out don’t expect a KB or patch to explicitly state SBS unless it’s “ONLY” for SBS.


Next, I’ll have to check the MU on my own box, but you ‘can’ install it manually you know.  We will be installing it later on our own machines.


Lastly, the SBS Dev team pinged us today in fact that this patch has been tested and approved on SBS boxes. 


Bottom line, unless EXPLICITLY stated in the KB that it  ‘can’t’ go on SBS, it’s approved on our boxes.


Update… got a ping that this Sharepoint SP2 “will’ be on MU/WU …just a bit later on.  It just happens to be only on the download site for the time being.  So, for now it’s on the Download center but will be on the WU/MU in the future.


Again, this IS fully supported on SBS boxes.


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