One of the things that I said needed fixing in SBA 2006 now is fixed… Suckage.  SBA needed to…had to… pull over ALL transactions from Quickbooks.  The original version did not.  They’ve just relased the update to allow the software to be 100% pull of transactions from Quickbooks to SBA.

This download provides the update to Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 to enable import of transactions from Intuit QuickBooks.

Someone said that it wasn’t CPAs that would drive SBA…but rather the customers.  So true… your customer will buy it and you’ll need to learn it.  I’d sign up for the MPAN program to get a head start..


3 Responses to Small Business Accounting 2006 fixes the “suckage” problem

  1. happyfunboy says:

    iirc, transaction support is only good for qb 2004/2005 editions.


    <martha stewart>

    it’s a good thing

    </martha stewart>

  2. sbaguru says:

    Seriously, congrats to MS for listening to customers on that one.

    Also, you can get around the version issue… check out:

  3. happyfunboy says:

    nice tip on the version update!