On a couple of listserves, WSUS, and Focus on MS, I’ve seen some folks talk about how their first indication that Office 2003 sp2 was when their workstations popped up with a “you have patches to install” icon.

Hands down the Security folks have the SDcubed +C nailed.. Secure by Design, Secure by Default, Secure by deployment and Communication…. the Security patches are communicated to us ahead of time, we know what code is installing on our box.

But if you want us admins to ‘trust’ enabling autoupdate on our workstations, you HAVE to inform us that you are going to be releasing Serivce Packs that will be coming down on Microsoft. Update.  Yes,  I know it’s not a security bulletin and thus not your communication responsibility, but go wack the team upside the head in Service Packs that should be communicating better.

If you want me to enable auto updates, then let me know what’s coming down on my box.  I should not use the “updates are being downloaded icon” to be my communication vehicle for such things. 

Gentlemen, I want an RSS feed of any bits that hit my machines.  As an admin, I’ve been asking for a email notification for Security patches for many years now.  I’ve upgraded my request… these days I want an RSS feed.  But the bottom line is, I’m not the only one who was blindsided by that SP coming out.  And as I’m the controller of my network at the office, I don’t want to have to use my Laptop where the AU is enabled to be my “what new code is going to be offered to me indicator”.


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