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Met up with Markoh SBS is evil because it can’t have a secondary domain controllerMinasi at the MVP summit and it reminded me that we recently got a clarfication on how we CAN have a secondary domain controller and all you need to have to cover the licenses of that secondary DC is plain ol’ SBS cals.  You don’t need Windows server cals.  The SBS license specifically allows us to have our member servers and even our additional domain controllers covered by a SBS cal.  So all you need to have in order to set up and be legal for an additional DC is the server CAL that came with the Server OS [and yes if you buy Open License version of Windows 2003 server you can buy it with one and only one CAL] and then your SBS CALs.

So to review….

  • SBS CAN have a secondary/additional DC

  • The CALs for it are merely ONE Windows server OS CAL [you know the one you get with the OS itself]

  • and then it’s covered by the SBS CALs.

The Enterprise IT pro white paper even talks about this.  “You can add a computer running Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 as a replica domain controller to a local or remote office for redundancy in the event that the server running Windows SBS is unavailable. Replication with the server running Windows SBS keeps Active Directory up-to-date on the additional domain controller even in the remote-office scenario, provided there is a link between the offices. Users can then log on to the network normally until the server running Windows SBS is brought back online.”  Personally I’ve found that what’s more important is the DHCP than the Domain controller per se…as workstations that can’t find a domain will merely log in via cached credentials. 

Bottom line.. buy good hardware and normally is a non issue in a small office.


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