Is ISA too complicated?

On October 8, 2005, in ISA Server, by

Rich in the comments asks me if I think ISA is too complicated… honestly…no I don’t with only a couple of exceptions….

There was a couple of things I wished the SBS team would have made better in the Premium version of SBS 2003 sp1

  • FTP access in SBS.  This has to be the number one edit we do.  The default for SBS is to have that FTP read only which blocks FTP access.

  • TCP connections per client.  Right now mine’s at 160…but if you upgrade it’s at 40.  The fix is here.

  • The reporting …yeah yeah you can say ISA does monitoring out of the box…but until you send me info…you are not ‘reporting’.  Andy has an article on how to set this up.

So what do I really not like in how ISA reports?  It reports that I first connect, and then I authenticate.  So for every connection, there’s two entries for me in the graphical reporting.  I just want my name.  You know, after I authenticate.  I want a ‘bosses’ view of ISA.  Give me the full detail when I want it …but can I just see authenticated connections only?  I don’t seem to be able to do that… ergo… Dana’s survey for interest in a better ISA summary reporting tool.

I think there’s a need. 

Well… at least I need it anyway….



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  1. Amy Babinchak - Harbor Computer Services says:

    Good reporting tools already exist. I recommend this one to my clients that want more detail. It’s easy to use and every who has purchased it loves it.