1,500 now, 85,000 and more to go

On October 17, 2005, in news, by

CRN | News | Executive Shuffle In Microsoft’s Partner Biz:

Part of Leland’s challenge going forward is finding a way to cultivate partners in the Small Business Specialist program that are adequately skilled to sell into this voluminous space. To date, nearly 87,000 partners have expressed interest in getting certified as a Small Business Specialist by Microsoft, with just north of 1,500 actually doing it. However, many of those 87,000 are not where they need to be with respect to technical, sales and marketing skills to gain the designation, according to Watson.

You know what….I’ve taken that exam and while I would argue that the Small Business Specialist segregates you from the rest and helps you stand out from the crowd…at the end of the day it’s the relationship you make with your client that makes you unique.

Know the small biz market.  Know that it’s not ‘cut down’ and ‘limited’.  Know that there are clients that will not see the value in technology, and those that do get IT.  And those are the firms, the clients you want to find.  The culture in that firm is embracing of technology, not one of still running Windows 98.



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