Patching related KBs

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Event ID 1015 is logged in the Application log when you use the OHotFix program to install Office updates:

You receive a “The expected version of the product was not found on your system” error message when you install Office 2003 Service Pack 2:

You receive an error code and the copy of Microsoft Windows is not validated when you try to use Windows Genuine Advantage to validate your copy of Windows:

James was hitting an issue where his Windows 2000 machines would not validate via Windows Genuine Advantage and I think that last KB is what is causing the issue….


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  1. JamesB says:

    I can’t say what the problem is however I see a bunch of post on the Internet of people having the same issues. Whatever MS did over the past bit made some change that is forcing these Win2K’s to fail and although I thought I had it nailed down to WGA that has not been the case on all the PC’s so far.

    Fixes so far:

    1. One PC I just went to download MS AntiSpyware which forces you to run WGA which I did and it installed correctly where it wouldn’t from either Windows Update or WSUS. Once it installed updates started right up.

    2. On another I tried that same trick which did get WGA to load correctly however updates still failed after that. On that PC I added the MS Updates sites to the trusted sites list, no change. I deleted all files and cookies, no change. I restarted Windows Update service no change. ARGH, I removed Windows Firewall Client and installed the new one that comes with ISA04, configured it manually, restarted Automatic Update Service and tada down came the updates from WSUS before I could launch Windows Update.

    So it would seem there is not one single fix but there is certainly something very wrong and I’m not the only one this is hitting. My bet is a Windows Security Update screwed something up and locked the system down somehow but who knows.