Okay so you’ve gone to Windows Update or Microsoft Update and it grinds and grinds and then it fails.  So you go to a newsgroup or listserve and ask… It’s broken, how do I fix it?  But you forgot the most important thing…up in the corner is a code number.  See that?  Make sure you tell someone that code number..or …better yet… go find the answer yourself….for example, say we have the error code of 0x80072EE2.

Fire up Microsoft Update, and look in help and support.  Now click on troubleshooter, and in the search box put in that 0x80072EE2

And you’ll find you get back this….

*Problem description*
This error may occur if your Internet connection or configuration is preventing access to the Update site.

A misconfigured Proxy/Firewall can cause this problem. Double-check the Proxy/Firewall settings.
Add the following urls to the exception list within your Firewall/Proxy:
For help configuring Proxy/Firewall refer to documentation or contact the manufacturer

The KB article they point to is….You receive an “Error 0x80072EE2” error message, an “Error 0x80072EFD” error message, or an “Error 0x80072f76” error message if you try to use the Microsoft Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=836941

See?  That wasn’t so hard now was it….


One Response to Got an issue with your Windows update? Here’s how to figure it out

  1. happyfunboy says:

    it’s even easier than that, bitzie…altho this may only be valid with mu.

    in mu, the very last link on the page that is returned with the error code you mention should have the text:

    "read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem yourself."

    clicking that link takes you to a search page.

    at the bottom of <i>that</i> page, you’ll see a (list of) link(s) that have already been returned for the error code.

    buried, yes…but easy-peasy.

    btw: one quick way to replicate mu errors at will is to set your firewall to temporarily block all outgoing tcp ports from 81 on up from a given test machine.