If you are running IE 7 and trying to access your SBS via Remote Web Workplace…well..it’s kinda not working as confirmed in a number of posts.

But remember this “IS” a beta.

So how can you USE the browser on a real machine and not screw up RWW in the process?

Dual browsers hack, that’s how.

I loaded up Vista in dual boot mode [it’s pretty cool, you just have a partition on your system and Vista can automagically set up the dual boot process.  Except now I need to find network card drivers, somehow it doesn’t recognize the onboard NICs in the motherboard on my newly built [and one of these days moved to the domain] new workstation.

So just remember…. it still is a beta…..


One Response to Remote web workplace and IE7 – you know it IS a beta you know

  1. Walt says:

    You could also use the Remote Desktop Connection app, if, like me, you were dumb enough to install IE 7 (not Vista) on your primary machine. Actually, it’s been working remarkably well so far.