QuickBooks Community – Running QuickBooks 2005 as a Restricted User (Admin Rights FIX):

And yes it still needs these hacks for the 2006 version.

Remind me to send them a copy of the Nineteen Deadly Sins of Software, will ya?



One Response to The updated “how to get Quickbooks to run as non admin” how to

  1. John Watson says:

    Susan, I think you give the QuickBooks PMs and marketing wonks too much credit! You’re assuming they can read and will make use of the free copy of the book 😉 Considering the number of annual versions that have these problems, the amount of outcry and difficulty customers are having, and the fact that these are well-established "no-no’s" since at least the Windows 2000 development days. I could understand if they took a version from Windows 95/98 and it initially had these issues but to keep having them year, after year, after year is riduculous! I truly hope Microsoft severely beats the pants off of them and the fistfulls of money out of their pockets (not going towards R&D).