You know there’s one thing that concern me about those new SATA drives that I am now getting in my office in our new computers….. those cables.  It just seems to me that they seem a heck of a lot flimsier than the old fashioned ones.  In fact on my home PC ….yeah, yeah …. the one I’m STILL building…. I’ve knocked off the data cable putting in cards a couple of times now.

And I think I need to start carrying spare SATA parts and certainly need to get a SATA ready USB enclosure.  One of the gang on the malware lists said that she was delayed a bit tracking down cables and hardware so she could work on an infested drive.

My normal trick of moving data from one computer to the other and then hanging the old drive off the new system isn’t going to work this time without additional cables and connections.  It has no IDE cables inside the Dell Optiplex we just got. 

So how many spare parts do you have lying around?



3 Responses to So how long is that going to stay connected?

  1. grigori says:

    Can we have some more info about this?

  2. Graeme Smith says:

    Moving Data


    Isn’t it funny that we do the hook the drive up trick – rather than use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard?…… A client told me they actually used the wizard the other day and that it worked. Well after three goes…. 🙂

    The new Dell Optiplex’s – there is an IDE channel on the MoBo. Till now we have just hooked the spare drive onto the CD IDE cable and I have not yet come across an occassion when that was not there. SATA CD Drives? Really?

    Well I would go looking for an IDE connector on the MoBo the day that happens otherwise – yep – one of those $25 shells that lets you mount an IDE drive in a USB enclosure. We carry that along with a IDE converter for dealing with laptops to boxes and vice versa.

    SATA Cable Security


    Agree – Dreadful – even with quality drives and quality cables. We got a thoroughly corrupted hard drive on one of our workshop test rigs because of this. We now tab them in place with tape to prevent this and new Boxes that we buy in – we check cable security and tab them before first boot.

  3. JamesB says:

    You think no IDE on those Dell Opti’s is bad have you take a good look at the back plane? No PS2! Try installing a new USB keyboard or a wireless one and Windows not see it during boot so you need to get in so you can install the correct drivers and run the hardware wizard. You need to put on an old PS2 keyboard so you can get in but your not going to on those new Dell’s….