Getting ready for Exchange 2003 sp2

On October 28, 2005, in Exchange, by

I want to do a very special backup before I install Exchange 2003 sp2.  I’m going to dismount the store and yank a copy of it off to a harddrive.

So how do I do this?

Well first…[it’s been a long time since I’ve done this the last time so someone ping if I’m saying it wrong]  I fire up the Services [or in my case just click on the icon on the desktop as I dragged it out there] and I stop the Exchange store on ExchangeIS and also the SMTP service so mail doesn’t queue up and then I’m going to Dismount the stores like this, and copy them somewhere.

I really don’t HAVE to do this.  And so far my one test upgrade went absolutely fine….and….I think I know what my prior issue with my test Exchange server box was [stay tuned, will blog on that one next if what I/we think it is, is what it is].

But an offline backup doesn’t hurt every once in a while, right?


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