How does one move data?

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How does one move data from one machine to another? 

A variety of ways…

OEM – Using OEM computers I use the XP file and transfer wizard to transfer settings from one computer to another and then I ‘hang’ the old drive off the inside of the new system to ensure that in case someone forgot something, I can go back and easily get a copy of that data.

OEM – Imaging – I’ve used a process of disk or drive imaging to move an exact image of a drive to a larger hard drive.  It doesn’t even freak out product activation.

Non OEM – if the speed of the harddrives are the same, [why do I want the same speed?  Because if the newer computer has a faster drive I want to keep the faster drive in a machine and not replace it with a slower one….get it?] I will just image or even just move the harddrives.  If you attempt to just merely swap harddrives between two OEM systems [I was lazy one day… uh… don’t do it … you end up WPA [product activation] freaking out both machines.

Now… all of my critical business stuff is on the server.  All of the gunk that I’m dragging around from desktop to desktop is …’s just gunk… service packs, ISOs, downloads and other crud.  But it’s all the stuff I just ‘might’ need someday … so I end up dragging it from one computer to another.

So what about you?  How do you migrate the ‘stuff’ of a high maintenance/packrat kind of a computer user?


2 Responses to How does one move data?

  1. Abhi says:

    This is a new one, what’s the speed of the hard drives have to do with anything?

  2. Abhi says:

    That makes sense, I thought you meant that there were restrictions in migrating data based on the speed of the drives.