I don’t want to use exchange because I want to keep my system as safe as possible.“

Heh.  This must be “good enough security“ tonight or something.

The poster on the Lockergnome posting site should understand something about Exchange.  He’s thinking that having Exchange running is adding ‘insecurity’ when I would argue that if you don’t install it and use it’s power to clean, despam, and protect from viruses, and instead use POP accounts to pull in email directly inside your desktops you are not using the power of the server to better protect you. 

In my network I pull off just about all attachments and only let those attachments that I need for absolute business into the desktop.  Then I ensure that I have an Exchange aware antivirus and it cleans the email before it hits my desktop. 

Bottom line thinking that a part of an operating system not used will make you more secure may not be the right thing.  You need to look at the bigger picture. 

In this case, fully utilizing what you have, I think will go farther to help you be more secure.


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