Okay so I feel a bit like Brett tonight.  I had a set back in deploying my new workstation.  You see I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not a hacker.  Not in the traditional definition.  One that can figure things out.  Because even though there’s supposedly a hack to get yourself from a XP pro to a MCE 2004 or 2005, I was like a fellow SBSer Frank and could not get the hacks to work. 

So I flattened my workstation that I’ve been working on trying to migrate to for months now.

Yup, I repartitioned it and started over.

Not that I had done a whole lot to it… I was in the equivalent of putting together of categories on a blog like Brett is at when I decided to just start over and rebuild the box.  I could not get all the media edition stuff on there.  This is why they really and truly recommend that you only buy it OEM anyway as all the issues I had with finding drivers and WinDVD decoders so the Media edition would play.

So now I’m about back to where Brett is right now.  Media Edition is loaded up, patched up with 32 security patches.  The funny thing is that the Rollup Update wasn’t in the section I would have thought it was, but instead down in the recommended section.  But so far it’s finding the TV stations and tuning in like it should.

…so exactly what is Squeaky Lobster enabled anyway?


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