I think a new server should have a “Care and feeding” document for new owners.  You know, those folks that have never seen or used a server before.  I’d make sure it said things like …..

  • This isn’t a workstation so don’t have someone sit and use it as one

  • This isn’t meant to be turned off at night

  • This isn’t meant to be reformatted and reinstalled without a plan to recove the active directory.

You know my other concern of what I am seeing?  Underspec’d servers.  We’re starting to put a lot on these boxes and we’re not thinking at all about drive speeds, controller cards, SCSI versus SATA and all that.  I mean like there’s no way I could put CRM [which is another MSDE database] on my home server with is already stressed with WSUS.

We’ve seen issues with underpowered servers not being able to handle ISA’s MSDE database and it will stop the service at midnight.  Flip the logging to flat file and the server will be fine.  Treat the server with respect and it will treat you nicely.  Underspec it and you’ll find you get some unusual errors.


One Response to Things we can do to workstations that we shouldn’t do to servers

  1. Tim Sullivan says:

    How do you "flip the logging to flat-file"?