Warning — listening to the music at the beginning of this SBS Podcast may get it stuck in your brain….

I was listening to the SBS Podcast, who’s theme is about community and I just loved some of the comments in the show this week about how we all win when we share.

Now I do need to clear up a few things… First off… I’m Lutheran and not Catholic….so .. you can probably skip the ring kissing and just tell folks to give me a hug instead  Now how I ended up not liking Coffee and addicted to Mountain Dew AND raised in the Lutheran church…. I have no idea….. google or msnsearch on the long standing relationship between Lutherans and Coffee…anyway…..and secondly… I’m just one person and one view.  You really want to hear and listen to a lot of people and not just me.  And you know what really rocks about the SBS world?  Is when we realize that we can sooooooo help each other when we reach out to one another.

I’m going to a user group meeting tomorrow night in Fresno.  Now its’ not a SBS meeting, it’s a IT techy one, so I won’t get all that good SBS business processes stuff like Susanne and Amy talk about, but it’s still a mini bit of my geek get togethers where I don’t have to lower down the tech talk.  And there’s usually an added benefit that we techs can play stump the techy sales guy.

Now what Chris did not tell you was how we two really met.  You see we first met virtually.  Both of us had gone to a CPA Tech conference and not met one another there.  But he did meet Anne.  So he, I and Anne started swapping emails post conference and it was finally AT SMBnation that I got to meet up with a kindred spirit.

And that’s exactly what the SBS experience is indeed all about.  We are kindred spirits out here.

So point your browser to www.sbsgroups.com and find yourself a group of kindreds.


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