iSCSI anyone?

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Went to a User group meeting tonight and they had a presentation from Zophar Sante, VP of Market Development for Sanrad.  You know…iSCSI devices.  Yeah it will be a few years before they become SBSized, but I’ve heard some good things about them from other places.  Bryce and Eric talked about them.  And Zophar was talking about the deployments they had done, one at the City of Turlock where they did a fallover redudancy with dark fiber which made the ability for the device to do replication flawlessly.  He asked if many of us had deployed Volume Shadow Copy and it made me think of how much VSC storage we have on hand and whether we utilitze that and really showcase that to the client like we should.

Zophar said that the SCSI commands are encapsulated over tcp/ip and their motto is, if you can ping it, you can mount it.  There devices can hang up to 4 pedabytes [I have no idea if I’m spelling that right but it’s a lot of storage] and what was cool about what he was talking about was similar to the Windows preinstall stuff… it can boot off a mboot driver off the NIC card and does not need disks.

He was also talking about how they can set up snapshots of drives with these devices.

He made an interesting point on the Power point that I’d like to repeat….

“What’s your Recovery Point Objective“ — what is your tolerance for lost data?

“What is your Recovery Time Objective“ — what is your time frame tolerance?  Seconds?  Minutes?  Hours?

All in all an interesting presentation….. iSCSI.  Okay so not SBSized…. not yet anyway….


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  1. Ed Horley says:


    Glad you found it interesting. I got some good feedback when they presented at the SF meeting last month. They have a very interesting product and it is a LOT cheaper then some of the Cisco MDS 9000 gear!

    I want to get my hands on their product and some drives from EqualLogic or Overland Storage to do some testing.

    – Ed