When your spam filter flunks the test

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Ian pinged the blog and said….

This weekend we upgraded to Exchange SP2. Following the release note  😉  I ran Exchange Best Practice Analyser before the update to check I had installed the correct HotFixes. ExBPA passed without any problems so I continued with the update and everything went smooth. I then enabled IMF v2 using the same settings as before and then run ExBPA just a one last check. To my horror the ExBPA failed with:


SMTP instance ‘Default SMTP Virtual Server’ on server SF failed mail acceptance test. Check that the SMTP server is functioning correctly. Verb return: Respond = 550 5.7.1 Requested action not taken: message refused,.


On investigation I found that the new IMF blocks the test routing email that ExBPA sends and so ExBPA fails with a ciritical error. After changing my SCL in IMF the ExBPA passed.


I guess this means that people should revist their spam confidence levels after updating as things look a lot stricter.


Maybe we should ping that to the BPA gang…nothin’ like the test email being seen as spam



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  1. Jon Avner says:

    This issue has been brought to our attention, and we are looking into it. Unfortunately, this was found a little too late to make it into this month’s new release and rules/update, but a fix will likely be in our next monthly update of our validation rules.

    Thanks for identifying the problem and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    – The ExBPA Development Team