Yes, it’s entirely supported, possible, doable to have a an additional domain controller in your SBS network… and in fact, it doesn’t even need to be another physical Windows server.  You can set up a virtual server ‘inside’ a workstation in your network and have that be the additional domain controller.  That’s probably more something for your lab exercises, but it can be done.

Just remember the SBS box must hold all the FSMO roles, but yes, you can have an additional domain controller and all you need is a Windows 2003 license [or 2000 but I really prefer 2003 and the security settings better] as the SBS covers any client license access cals for that additional box.


2 Responses to So can I have an additional domain controller in my SBS network?

  1. NA says:

    But the only thing having another DC in an SBS enviornment will buy us is login validation if the SBS server is down, right? Well, even if we didn’t have an extra DC, wouldnt the client workstations login using cached credentials?

    Since we can’t move the FSMO roles, what exactly is having this other DC going to get us?

  2. AN says:

    NA: There are two other benefits;

    1. You have a current backup of your AD… Not 100% essential in most SBS networks as usually there’s not tons of updates. (You are making regular backups of the AD, right?)

    2. For remote sites, this allows all the authentication and PC configs to be stored locally and have replication over a slow link (eg Cable, DSL etc) to occur at night or other off-peak use times.