So I run Thunderbird to pull in my ‘external’ non firm Email [all my junk mail, listserves, etc….] so I’m running the 1.5 [beta… I guess I should know better] and in the middle of having the email client open it tells me it downloaded an update and needed to restart.  Which did two things.  Number one it reminded me that I forgot I had flipped myself to admin to get an new program working and forgot to flip myself back [bad Susan] and two… exactly WHEN did I agree for Thunderbird to download stuff on my box without asking me?

Is anyone else getting tired of all the programs that sneak in via installers, or options that these programs don’t warn you about?  I’m not talking about Spyware here, I’m talking about regular stuff like installing Google toolbar and making sure that your search engine selections are as you want them, or installing the upgrade to MSN 7.5 and having to make sure that your home page isn’t reset.

You have to really make sure you look at all the selection boxes and checkmarks to make sure you aren’t selecting the wrong one and ending up with something you didn’ t want.

…and funny… I sure don’t remember telling Thunderbird they could check that box to auto update like that……it’s not that I don’t mind ensuring that I’m up to date… it’s just that I want to be told what my software is doing and ensure I’m informed about it first.


One Response to Excuse me, Thunderbird? But did you TELL ME you were going to do that?

  1. Tsee says:

    Regarding Fx and TB at least, there’s a genuine concern that non-technical users are leaving themselves vulnerable to dangerous security holes that have been patched in later versions. Lots of programs autoupdate nowadays — Windows, QT, etc — and the browser and email client being some of the most often used applications, I think it’s alright to do so. They come out very infrequently anyway — most users will download the general releases and will get the updates maybe once or twice a year.

    What riles me are the toolbars that come with Adobe Acrobat and other apps. I don’t want them but have to pay special attention during installation.