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I have a box of Windows XP in my office.  It’s a retail blue box.  And if [heaven forbid] the office burns down, I’ve lost that license.  I have to rebuy it.

The other day for our Business Insurance renewal I was asked to write down all the software licenses that I could not replace, that we’d have to rebuy all over again, and we were surprised that there’s a lot of software that I have that I don’t have to worry about scrambling to rebuy.

My office is by the airport and lets just pretend that the biggest jet airliner that goes out of the Fresno Airport [which is the UPS plane by the way] dropped on my office.

What software could I easily replace?

  • My server software including the media.  I log into the Eopen web site with my Microsoft passport and I look up the contract number and immediately replace it.
  • My Windows XP licenses – that also gives me the right to the next version – better known as Vista that includes additional features.
  • My Office software including the media.  Again, I log into the Eopen web site. 

Next to my desk is a test Dell OEM server.  There’s a server license on that box.  If the box dies, the server license dies with it.  It’s not transferable.  But add software assurance within 90 days and I can move that software anywhere I want to.

If you are buying OEM or retail software boxes for your clients.


OEM may be cheaper in the short term, but it’s not cheaper in the long run.  Retail boxes means that you or your clients have to track those licenses and worst still, you lose those licenses if a disaster occurs.

Your small business clients need to ensure you have built in the flexibility they need, business continuity plans built in from the get go.

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