Dear Microsoft Licensing People

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Dear Microsoft Licensing People…

When giving information to SBSers… make sure you are not giving them “Big Server Land” information.

It’s Friday and I’m in the mood for a rant….

In the newsgroup today someone was trying to download a copy of a trial version as overseas they couldn’t get the software through customs worth a darn, and so someone told them to buy SBS under Volume licensing and they said “oh yes that if you had Open value that they could get downloadable media….. they said… and I quote from the post…

‘I have a confirmation from Microsoft that though it was not possible to download the media through eOpen, it is in fact possible to download licensed media through Open Value at the MVLS site. This is confirmed for US only.’


Well I AM an Open Value customer and I can confirm WITHOUT A SHRED OF DOUBT that it’s not available for download.  Folks, this is why the media gets sent to me automagically because we need a product key.

See this download screen?

Do you see the fact that there is NO SBS 2003 on that listing? 

Folks when you talk to Microsoft in any way shape or form, especially when it comes to licensing, can you say to them “can you check and make sure your information that you are giving me pertains as well to SBS?”  And if they say there is no difference, don’t believe them, because when it comes to Software Assurance and other small business licensing information, I can assure you that we are unique, we don’t get all the benefits and for many folks that you call on Microsoft licensing, they really don’t have a clue about the small business licensing.  Hands down the best resource for Smallbiz licensing is Eric Ligman and company on the Mssmallbiz site and the official Microsoft Mssmallbiz yahoogroup.

So …want to know the real scoop of what I get with software assurance?  Check out this grid.

Okay let’s review…since I have 2 servers and less than 50 desktops….

  • For the Open Value that I have that doesn’t go through the Eopen site but instead through MVLS site, I do get version upgrade rights.  So I’ll be getting SBS 2003 Release 2 [WSUS, SQL server 2005 workgroup and Exchange 2003 sp2].
  • I do get media for the server sent to me automatically [mainly because I can’t download it]
  • I will get Windows Vista uprade rights and a copy of Virtual PC Express edition for every Windows software assurance license I have.
  • I don’t have 50 Office licenses so I won’t get training.
  • I do get a cdrom called the Information Worker eLearning cdrom 
  • I get a Windows eLearning cdrom
  • I get a Server eLearning cdrom [it’s not SBS specific though]
  • Office gets home use rights
  • Desktop – for every $200,000 of SA for Office and Windows I get one phone incident [translation… I get barely get one phone call at that conversion rate]
  • Server for every $20,000 of SA I get one phone incident for servers.
  • I get “cold server rights“.
  • I get one user ID for Technet Managed newsgroups [I think I have enough newsgroup access 🙂 so I might pass on that one]

Someone said that Microsoft themselves internally should not necessarily pay for licenses but be required to track their compliance. 

Bottom line folks…whomever told that SBSer that we can ‘download’ a copy of SBS… is …well… flat out wrong.


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  1. Richard Gadsden says:

    There is one place you can download SBS from: MSDN downloads.