This Christmas, I want you to buy yourself a present.  A book.  Now before you start reading this book, I want you to take this book and flip to the ending.  Don’t worry you won’t wreck the storyline.  I want you to start at page 287 under the section of “Goals” and take a test.  It will be a quick test.  Now that you’ve taken it, I want you to start over at page one and read the stories there.

Now …hang on..before you start reading… I want you to visualize the image of a screwdriver and a Forbes magazine.


Got that visualization? 

Now as you read this book, I want you to ask yourself …if you are a screwdriver or a Forbes Magazine Subscriber.  Time and time again at SMBNation I heard this from a lot of the VAR/VAPs.  They had the “screwdriver” stuff down.  What they didn’t have was the stuff in the “Forbes Magazine” side.  The business track. 

Now mind you, all of these people who said this you would have proabably thought were quite successful already.  But to get to that next level they had to take stock and figure out their weaknesses and their strengths.

I’ve seen this before in business books where the point is made that to grow from the ‘Screwdriver” to the “Forbes Magazine Subscriber” that you have to put down the screwdriver.  That you have to let go.  That we end up hurting ourselves when we try to do both.  Now I’ll be honest with you, when I got to that part of the book, I stopped and thought to myself…but wait… do we have to make a choice?  Why do I have to choose between a Business Networking Meeting and a User Group meeting [especially if it’s a SBS meeting that has a lot more peer business sharing?]  Shouldn’t I, if I am going to be a good “Business consultant” to talk about ROI to the small business owner, should I have at least a small bit of a screwdriver to make sure that when I discuss technology options to a client that I know what I’m recommending actually works?  That I can speak just a little bit from the “been there, done that” side? 

Throughout the book, keep that in mind, and ask yourself… where are your strengths?  Where are you stuck at?  Where do you want to be?  

Do you agree that there has to be a choice between a screwdriver and a Forbes magazine?

Go read the book, called “Making it big in Small Business in 2006“, and for the record, no I’m not getting any royalities out of this blog post as a result.  But I think, as we end 2005, and start 2006, I think that you should make a present to yourself to take stock of where you are at and where you want to be.

…. and while you are taking stock…..start with page 287.      


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