Kerberos errors revisited

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So remember my Kerberos Errors post the other day?  J.P. posted back with the final resolution to his last one remaining Kerberos errors that he was getting…..and sure ’nuff… HP printer toolbox software… I’m blogging his resolution here for the next person who ends up with Kerberos errors all over their log files and time sync isn’t the resolution….

Well, plugging right along, I eliminated the other three remaining kerberos
errors on login.  They were caused by (you guessed it), HP monitoring
“Toolbox”  software. 

With some trial and error on the client end with MSConfig I was able to
narrow it down to the HP Toolbox printer monitoring software.  In researching
the Toolbox software and it’s known issues, I came across an article
describing the exact setup.  SBS Premium, XP SP2 workstations, kerberos
errors with firewall on, none with it off, HP printer on a workstation and

The fix was to go to a command prompt, navigate to c:\windows\system32 (or
the default system32 folder for your OS) and then enter the following command
“hpbpro.exe -regserver” (without the quotes) and if you still have the errors
follow the same process except use the command “hpbpro.exe -service”


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  1. Shane says:

    Thank you soooooo much for posting this. We have had this exact same problem at a number of clients sites and at our own office. We have looked all over and always gotten the same response: It’s a time error. That obviously is not the case. We are cleaning up alot of reports today thanks to you.