Blogging will be a smidge light…

On December 30, 2005, in news, by

As I’m on my way to Disneyland for the New year…..

Everyone have a happy and safe New Year!


6 Responses to Blogging will be a smidge light…

  1. GreggB says:

    Happy New Year Susan! (Watch those trees in the lobby at Disneyland)

  2. amy says:

    All the way from California to California, eh? Have fun!

  3. joe says:

    Don’t forget to check them for unsecured WAPs. :o)

  4. B Nielssen says:

    Thank you for all your posts this year. I have learnt so much from reading your blog. Have a great New Year.

  5. Don says:

    Happy New Year and have a great time!

  6. Alun Jones says:

    Happy New Year to you (I can say that with confidence now that it really is the New Year) – enjoy the coming year, and don’t write so much that you make the rest of us look bad :o) Don’t forget that you can get drunk at DisneyLand, if you know where to go – it’s a great place to watch the Electric Parade from.