Sam the SBS Server reviews the year

On December 31, 2005, in news, by

We interview Sam the SBS server who’s getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his network

Q.  Hi Sam, how’s it going!

A.  Not bad. Can’t complain, keeping a watch on things here, getting ready to celebrate the New Year.

Q.  So this has been a big year for you hasn’t it?

A.  Oh no kidding, two major milestones this year, my Service Pack came out and now I have my own patches on Microsoft Update that are unique to me.

Q.  That’s pretty cool.

A.  No kidding.  In 2006 the next version of SBS 2003 called SBS 2003 R2 is coming out and Patching will be built inside of me.  I’m really exciting about that.  I can’t go into details…but I’m really excited about it.  I’ll be able to control and manage the patches on all the machines under my control, so I’ll be even more better able to protect Samantha the SBS Workstation.

Q.  That’s really cool.

A.  And let me bring this up again, last year Samantha and I talked about this and we did some of this..but really not enough at all.

Q.  Enough of what?

A.  “This” meaning where I’m doing a lot more of the managing and protecting of her.  Like for example… take the bad stuff on the ‘net today.  Many of these bad things can be mitigated or lessened if she doesn’t have rights over what she does and runs as a ‘regular’ user’.

Q.  But isn’t this hard to do with some of the applications that she is running?

A.  Oh, no kidding, but we have to do this.  Samson, the new Vista operating system is going to be joining us at the end of 2006 and he’s going to be helping out in this LUA or restricted user, but we really have to push our vendors now to do this.

Q.  You really feel strongly about this don’t you?

A.  Yes, I do.  People always say that I don’t do ‘best practices’ and this is one area that I can do best practices.  Because my owners are much more agile than big firms they can get rid of old operating systems, ensure that I have only machines that I control that help me secure and don’t hinder me.

Q.  Edward the Windows 98 machine is really causing issues with you isn’t he?

A.  Oh, no kidding, I can’t control him at all, he has no sense of security whatsoever and he’s really frightening me these days with all the risks he takes.

Q.  So we’ll keep this brief as I see you are getting ready for your party…but in closing…

A.  In closing, I’d say that for 2006 I’m making a resolution to get more secure this year.  Better on patching.  Better on Control.  There are a lot of things I can do best practices on…and helping Samantha the SBS workstation be more secure is one I can do.

Q.  Happy New Year Sam!

A.  Happy New Year to all in the SBS communities as well.



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