In the mssmallbiz yahoogroups, a post reminded me that you need to make sure you only have one active NIC alive and kicking when you run that wizard as I’ve seen that wizard fail when two or more nics are active [even vmware network adapters].

But then came the real reason that the wiz wouldn’t wiz…. the computers that were being attempted to join the domain were Media Center Edition Computers…which … officially CANNOT join a domain.  Yes there is the ‘banana’ hack, but unless you are using that MCE to drive a High Defnition TV in your conference room [and btw those units do look very cool] you need to get yourself to XP Pro.  I’ll be the first to say that yes, I run a MCE here at home joined to my domain…but this IS my home and not my business.  Again.. choose the right tool, and you want an XP Professional or XP Tablet in a firm setting. You don’t and can’t use XP Home,  and ‘might’ want MCE for the ‘wow’ factor in the conference room.  Otherwise stay away from them.


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