Just call it "Sam the SBS Server"

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It’s funny…. there are times I don’t get marketing…..and there are times I don’t get customers….

…take this for example… a guy complaining about the mailing about the “New” Small Business Server 2003.  It struck me funny for two reasons… for one there is a bit of a point to it that the consumer focuses on the 2003 and doesn’t realize that there has been changes to the SBS platform since October of 2003 when it shipped.

Let’s see what’s different shall we?

For one… if you have Premium.. in the year 2006 you have the latest version of ISA Server 2004 that you didn’t have in 2003.  We now have Exchange 2003 sp2 supported on SBS 2003 and thus can go up to 75 gigs of Exchange storage that we didn’t have before. 

For two… since October of 2003, we’ve installed Windows 2003 sp1, Exchange 2003 sp1 and 2, Sharepoint sp1 and 2, MSDE and SQL Server sp4, Outlook sp2.. and every month I install new bits on my machine.  For that matter…every month I have a “New” SBS box as the bits I had the month before are not the same bits I have now.

You know what I would do if I were in charge of marketing?  Stop calling it by the year.  Instead just call it the “Latest SBS”.

And when it comes down to it…. that business owner really doesn’t care what you call it.  He’s buying a solution, not a year. How about we stop worrying about the names of products and instead understand that what we’re really selling here is a business process solution.  We’re not just selling technology, we’re here to help find a solution to a business need, fix a business pain, make something work, enable someone to do something.  The name of the technology solution is, quite frankly, irrelevant to the person writing the check.

They just want it to do when you said it would do.




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  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Excellent points!!!!