So where’s your media?

On January 20, 2006, in Rants, by

I sure hope Merv is wrong…but it sounds like he’s not.

JRittley is stuck.. he can’t find cdrom1 of his SBS 2003 media set that he got with the OEM Gateway server that he got. And what’s the only way that he can get a replacement?

Buy an entire new Server OS.

Yes, you read that right, unless you order replacement cdroms within 90 days, Gateway says he has to rebuy the Server OS all over again in order to replace the missing cdrom.

You know.. I sure hope Microsoft realizes that all these stupid policies by the OEMs… no media and only the OS on a hidden partition replacement method, a 90 day replacement media policy… are affecting John Q. Public’s view of Microsoft.

And me as a shareholder of Microsoft in my 401K is concerned about that…Dell or Gateway shouldn’t have that much ability to impact the view of a software company in my book….

So … you made a duplicate copy of your media and stuck it in a lockbox or something paranoid like that?  Me on Open License… I can get replacement media all the time for a nominal shipping charge.  I sure don’t have to rebuy the server OS if I accidentally lose the disks.



Where’s your media?  Got it in a safe place?  Got all your disks?


3 Responses to So where’s your media?

  1. When you buy OEM or Retail are you really buying the Media or the License to run that media?

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow! That stinks!

    Thanks to this post, I’ve just completed a backup of my OEM disks!

  3. Jones McGurk says:

    You could just whip out your Action Pack OEM media and during the install use the COA off the sticker on the server. …problem solved

    …and if I were an average Joe business and contacted a Action Pack subscriber/consultant business they could take care of this for some billable time. Small Biz Specialist to the rescue.