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The first meeting of the SMBTN Fresno Partner group met last night at the Fresno Airport Holiday Inn. 

Graciously making the long trip up from San Diego was Roger Otterson, the smaller trip up from Bakersfield was Ed Roberts, and the trip down from San Francisco was Steve Lai.  As Steve said, probably the first time the California SBS MVPs have been in the same room in the state of California [we tend to get together in Redmond for some unknown reason].

The night’s meeting was organizational where we’ve decided on a meeting night of a Thursday [most likely the Thursday after patch Tuesday] and we all said, no to a Monday meeting and NEVER meet on the holiest of evenings, “Patch Tuesday”.  Besides, meeting on a post Patch Tuesday evening means that we will have the recap from “Dead body Wednesday”. 

The concept of a partner group, where there is enough business in the small business marketplace, that we all have niches and specialities, that we all gain from our shared peer group was discussed.

A survey of future topics was gathered with top vote getters being WSUS [hey, as the patch Queen did you expect that I wouldn’t put that on the list?], Small Business Specialist, and the Managed Service Model being top vote getters.  (that reminds me I need to blog on some of my thoughts on Managed Service Model being a true ‘Secure network’ model …but that’s another blog post….)

Not quite as many people showed up as I would have liked…but it was a start, and I got several RSVP cancellations saying that business got in the way… dang… that annoying business stuff….

Next meeting is tentatively set for February 16th, 2006 starting at 6:30 p.m. and I will confirm the date and time as soon as I can.



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  1. Greg says:

    Susan, I’m interested in your comment regarding, “The concept of a partner group, where there is enough business in the small business marketplace, that we all have niches and specialities, that we all gain from our shared peer group was discussed.”

    Are you talking about partners-partnering?

    If so, I’d like to get your input about that and may be some comments from others here on the same topic.

    I hear this said a lot from Microsoft and other partners. However, I’ve found that it’s suggested for two separate reasons. First, Microsoft says it so smaller partners don’t feel like they need to know everything. “Partner with someone else that can provide that niche solution”. Second, where I’ve seen partners-partnering is with larger more established firms. These companies seem to have a core specialty. They’ve built their business around it and are successful. For them to do anything different might go against their business model/objectives.

    To these larger companies, the risk of losing business is relatively low. It makes sense for these companies to work together.

    For us smaller companies that are literally working to feed our families, the thought of sharing revenue or the possibility of losing a client is unthinkable. By our nature we are more generalists than specialists. To support SBS you have to be a generalist.

    I just don’t see how this concept can work for us smaller companies.

    OK, I’ve taken a stand…now knock me around a bit!