Want $100 off an accounting program?

On January 25, 2006, in news, by

SEATTLE: Microsoft Corp unveiled a new rebate and free service offer for its small business accounting software today, aimed at luring customers away from rival Intuit Inc in the months leading up to tax season.

Jeff Raikes, president of Microsoft’s business division, said the latest $US10 million ($NZ14.50 million) marketing campaign is part of a larger effort by the world’s biggest software maker’s to gain share in software and services tailored to small businesses – a market estimated to be worth tens of billions of dollars.

“Small businesses are relatively underserved compared to large businesses when it comes to using information technology,” Raikes said in an interview with Reuters.

“We see that as a very large opportunity.”

The company plans to offer a $US100 rebate for Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006, which lists for around $US180, and one-year of free technical support to help customers move to digital book keeping or shift from a rival product.

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2 Responses to Want $100 off an accounting program?

  1. GreggB says:

    Unless I mis-read this: looks like $30 off SBA and $100 off Office-SBA (or whatever they are callin’ it).

    And seriously – is this a likely purchase for that audience in THIS timeframe? “aimed at luring customers away from rival Intuit Inc in the months leading up to tax season”.

    Sorry – don’t mean to rain on the parade.

  2. Alun Jones says:

    Consider that, right around now, many people are filling out their W2s and W3s, 940s and 941s, and preparing information to send to their CPAs, and muttering to themselves “I’m not gonna use Quickbooks for this next year – if only there was an alternative…”