So the tag line talks about a webcast with Entrepreneur extraordinaire, Maxine Clark, is the CEO of the “Build-A-Bear Workshop™,” a teddy bear-themed experience retail store combining the appeal of plush animals with an interactive assembly line where children create their own huggable companions. After 25 years in the retail industry Maxine decided to pursue her passion. Her goal: Put the heart back into retailing and make owning a business fun.

Except there’s one problem with that…. you see there’s one adult that I know of personally that during the holidays when we were down in Disneyland created her own huggable companion.  A pink Poodle with a Mickey Mouse shirt.  Yes, that’s right, the same sister with the customized Disney desktop, created a poodle dog Mickey Mouse wearing companion.

Yes, the insanity probably runs in the family.  So what in the world does that have to do with SBS?  Everything.  Because Maxine is just one of the speakers at the Small Business Summit.  A conference JUST for small business owners.  So, I’m sure you are thinking as I was… oh…yeah… how in the world are you going to get small business owners to a conference?  The travel costs?  The expense of a hotel.  Are they crazy? 

But…hang on…what if I told you that you and your clients could attend this conference at home, in the comfort of your bunny slippers or other suitable attire?  Because Maxine and yours truly will be part of an online conference.

The Microsoft Small Business Summit will be March 14th through the 17th.  My talk is on Friday and it’s on how having a server, having technology helps me and my firm to be more productive and responsive.  We literally could not do the work we do today without having a server.  Without the ability to share information, and collaborate, we just couldn’t do what we do.  I think back to where we’ve come in technology, from one computer that we all would share, to now where our phones have the ability to get firm updated calendar information, it’s amazing how far we’ve come in a short time.


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