Trend and Compression issues

On January 28, 2006, in Security, by

So in this corner is Trend…recommending that you uncheck “use compression” on the IIS web sites because otherwise the install will not go well…..

…but in this corner is Microsoft with their WSUS install info that “does” check “use compression”

1. Some clients have been impacted by a known issue in with Windows Server 2003 http.sys and IIS. In some cases, this transient issue will appear to prevent clients from checking in, because they receive invalid responses from the server after some attempts. It was previously believed to be an issue with IIS compression and there was a workaround suggested to disable compression, and then rename the %windir%\system32\inetsrv\suscomp.dll file and restart the IIS, and the Update Services service. Further Investigation shows the problem source to be a known condition with IIS and http.sys, which is not related to compression, and for which there is an available hotfix. It is not recommended to disable compression as this will not impact the problem source, and possibly increase network traffic & server load, while reducing the number of clients you can effectively serve. Further information about the issue and obtaining the hotfix can be found: . This hotfix does require Service Pack 1 be installed to the Windows Server 2003

Yeah, one could argue that as SBSboxes we don’t have THAT many clients to worry about…but it’s still interesting to see the Vendors recommend two different things…


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